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About the Author - A. J. MacDonald, Jr.

A.J. MacDonald, Jr.—thinker and social critic—is a layperson in the Catholic Church. A student of theology and philosophy for many years, he currently resides in Fayetteville, Pennsylvania. For more information, please visit the biography section of his Amazon Author Page.

Now a writer, blogger, and part-time trail builder, the author has also worked (over the past 35+ years) as a soldier, delivery driver, warehouse worker/manager, construction laborer, and professional tractor-trailer driver (25+ years off-and-on). At present (2015) he is 55 years of age.

For the book, see here.

The World Perceived - How are we to make sense of the Bible in the context of the modern world? In this book, you will discover a new way of perceiving the world; a way in which the biblical view of the world can be seen as just as true-for-us as the modern scientific view of the world.

By utilizing phenomenology as a philosophical framework for the construction of a theology of appearances, the author develops a theological reaffirmation of the validity of the biblical description of the world: The way in which the myriad phenomena of the world appear to our senses is reality.

Without discounting the validity of the modern scientific view of the world, this book demonstrates how the biblical description of reality is of far greater relevance to us than are the descriptions of reality given to us by modern science and popular science writers.

The World Perceived

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Link to the Trade Paperback Edition